Consider first that it’s voluntary. No one is asking that companies hold themselves to this standard and subject themselves to the kind of scrutiny ISO 9001 certification entails. No one is asking them to run their business practices and procedures through this fine-tooth comb several times a year and undergo spot audits to ensure everything is running according to plan. It’s only done if you’re fanatical about quality and precision.

The ISO 9001 certification, is a quality management system from a Swiss-based regulatory body that collects best practices from global representatives of various industries. Mizrahi Developments is the only builder in Canada that has taken it on.


The point of it is simple: customer satisfaction. Clients are asked to fill out a questionnaire on a weekly or monthly basis to assess the company’s performance. Is the site clean? Are completion deadlines being met? Is the contract being fulfilled as promised? It guarantees trust. Customers have the assurance that rigorous accountability measures are in place and that as builders, we’re committed to excellence by standardizing the best processes and methods. Nothing is haphazard; everything is documented and set out in an immaculately-organized manual, which is precisely followed by every member of our team.

Think of ISO 9001 as the ultimate, self-imposed fitness test that Mizrahi Developments has chosen in order to ensure the business is meeting what customers want and that they’re running at above-average levels of competence.