128 Hazelton

When A Building Is The Last of Its Kind, It Deserves To Be Truly Memorable.

The inspiration for 128 Hazelton comes from European architecture, the kind that has the power to make you feel something you didn’t expect. There is calm to be found in perfect proportions. There’s a sense of security; a feeling of permanence. And there’s pleasure in the beauty of exquisite details and carefully chosen materials. Mizrahi Developments has long been devoted to a practice of old-world craftsmanship. It is the foundation of our brand of luxury real estate. 128 Hazelton, a boutique mid-rise at the gateway to Yorkville’s heritage neighbourhood, is our greatest expression of that passion. With less than 20 limited-edition residences, each custom-designed to suit the homeowner’s wishes, the building is envisioned as an exclusive sanctuary of beauty and grace in the midst of Toronto’s exciting mid-town. In collaboration with Gianpiero Pugliese, architect and principal of AUDAX, Mizrahi Developments conceived of 128 Hazelton as a modern interpretation of a classical 19th century building, like an updated version of the Haussmannian architecture that lines Parisian boulevards.

The modern world moves too fast for the care this kind of craftsmanship and precision demands. And that’s why we wanted to take the time to create something truly memorable. This location – the last property on Hazelton for development – deserved a special jewel-like building. We felt it as a responsibility to the integrity and beauty of the local community to build something that would stand the test of┬átime and be a statement of classic beauty. It is a project of passion for the power that architecture and craftsmanship have to make us happy.

Steps away from Bloor Street, Canada’s leading luxury marketplace.

Yorkville is a beloved neighborhood of heritage architecture. With mature trees and wrought iron fences, guarding 19th townhomes, Hazelton Avenue is a pleasant walk back in time as it’s the best preserved street in the village-like enclave. We wanted to create a building that looks and feels as though it has always been there, respecting the streetscape with a classic architectural rhythm of glass and stone and a curved façade facing Davenport. The building echoes the roof lines of existing structures, creating a pleasant human scale that engages pedestrians.

Around the corner lies Bloor Street, Canada’s leading luxury marketplace with flagship stores for global brands. Yorkville has many popular restaurants and cozy hotel bars that are steps away from 128 Hazelton. Green spaces in nearby Ramsden Park, Yorkville Park and the delightful pathways through the campus of the University of Toronto campus take you away to another state of mind, amidst park benches, sunshine and majestic trees.

When Something is This Carefully Crafted, Only A Few Are Fortunate To Own One.